Company Profile


CheMarCo has been serving the Southeast in specialty chemicals and equipment sales and marketing for over 30 years. We have long committed ourselves to total service to our customers and our suppliers. We feel CheMarCo is best characterized by our assets:

  • Our sales people and inside support personnel have confidence in CheMarCo and in our business philosophy as shown by their years of service to the company. The CheMarCo family is committed to long term customer relationships and in turn is rewarded by customer loyalty.
  • CheMarCo prefers selling solutions to problems. We strive to assist our customers in achieving cutting edge products by keeping them appraised of the newest technologies.
  • CheMarCo believes that honesty and integrity are primary ideals and we have a strong reputation in industry. We will always hold to our ideals over our profits. We are ethically, technically and financially sound.

CheMarCo Standard

CheMarCo is committed to total quality representation and distribution in the southeast United States.

  • CheMarCo will provide our customers with excellent response time to inquiries and orders and aspire to the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.
  • We will offer solutions to customer projects and also present innovative ideas for future endeavors.
  • Our Suppliers can trust CheMarCo to cultivate relationships with the customer from the owners to the purchasing agents to the technical staff in order to market their products in all facets of the business. We will also pursue new avenues within our primary markets while also exploring uses that are “out-of-the-box.”
  • Our customers can appreciate the efforts made by CheMarCo to assure them of a quality product, delivered in a timely manner without overlooking safety in our communication to them about the products they purchase.

CheMarCo’s Commitment

CheMarCo dedicates itself to being a responsible distributor of chemicals into the marketplace. We take a pro-active stance to ensure the quality of our products and processes.  Our customers and suppliers are welcomed to inquire about our practices concerning the following topics:

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Review
  • Carrier Selection
  • Handling and Storage
  • Waste Management
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Community Outreach
  • Product Stewardship
  • Corrective and Preventative Action
  • Internal Audits
  • Document Control
  • Security